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Windows 10 guide
Windows 10 guide
Tab Press F1 for How to Get Help in Windows 10 button presents Contact Support excellent improvements, it still maintains its classic slowdowns after a certain period of use. This is due to a whole series of residual data that the system stores as a result of software installation, internet browsing and files that we save and never use again. There are solutions that promise to do a comprehensive maintenance, however, the amount of bad news that comes from this type of software such as malware download and how invasive they usually are, it is better to put them aside. In that sense, we will present a series of alternatives that you can apply in order to fine-tune your Windows 10 in case of being slow in its operation. This is the PrtScr SysRq How to Get Help in Windows 10

Get rid of junk files Windows Call

First let's take a look at the junk files, it is the residual data that is stored on the hard disk product of internet browsing and the different programs that we incorporate into the system. This data in the long run is usually useless either because we have already uninstalled those Windows 10 Guide programs or because they are files stored by websites with temporary data.
Windows incorporates a couple of tools that will help you control these files. With one you can free up space immediately while the other will give you the ability to keep the disk monitored in order to delete this information automatically.

Space liberator

windows 10 update
windows 10 update

To get to this tool, it's just a matter of clicking on the Windows 10 search bar and typing in “Space”. Immediately, the application will appear to free up space and you just have to click on it to start it.
This will open a small window with an analysis of the amount of space occupied by downloaded, temporary files, reports and other expendable data. To free up the space, it is only a matter of selecting the ones you want to delete and clicking on “Accept”.

Storage Sensor

The storage sensor is the second tool that Windows 10 incorporates to keep useless files in the system at bay. The idea is that this solution is activated after cleaning files with the free space. In this way, Windows will automatically delete junk files without our intervention.
To activate this option you must go to the Windows 10 configuration and then enter the "System" section. Once inside, locate the “Storage” option in the sidebar and when you click you will immediately see the “Storage Sensor” option. Activate the option and it will automatically start working on temporary files and the recycle bin according to the frequency or condition you set.
You can program its activation for when there is little space available or according to a temporary frequency of a day, week or month.

Have you moved to Windows 10? This operating system has been gaining importance in recent years, and after Microsoft's risky move to make Windows 10 a universal operating system, it seems that it is slowly getting it.
 Whether you come from Windows 7 (the most beloved Windows), Mac, Chrome OS or any other operating system, it's time to know a little more about everything you can do with Windows 10. And if we forget for a while the annoying updates Constant, Windows 10 is a great operating system and one of the most used currently.
"Windows 10 in the background is the same as the previous Windows, only now it has a cleaner design and is much faster."
Small annoying details can be highlighted in Windows 10. Currently, these compatibility problems have been left behind, and manufacturers and developers have been updated. And thanks to the Windows 10 Latest Updates (which are quite frequent) it is much more stable, fast and we can find many fewer bugs.

You must know what

Windows 10 combines the metro interface of Windows 8 and 8.1 and the design of Windows 7; unite the best of both.You have your own personal assistant that is Cortana."Start" is where it always is, in the lower left corner.Now the search bar will allow you to search for anything on your computer or on the web.There are multiple desktops.You have a notifications section.

A little Windows 10 Guide

If, for example, you want to turn off the computer, you can do it in 2 clicks. Right click the start button and then choose the File Explorer option you like: shut down, restart, log out, etc.You have the Control and Configuration Panel. Each one takes care of different tasks. While with the Control Panel you adjust more software and hardware issues of your computer. The Settings option controls details more typical of Windows 10 and your user.With Windows + Tab you can see all open applications.You can work in up to 4 windows at the same time. For that you just have to drag each window to the bottom corners.The default Windows browser is no longer so bad. Now it is Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 can boast its new web browser.Windows 10 is now more minimalist and has a design with finer finishes. It is what is fashionable and this OS has it.
Now what you are playing on your Xbox One you can continue on your PC thanks to the function of Soon I will be bringing you a small note with some tricks that I have encountered in my experience of using Windows 10. And if you use a laptop it will be better not to miss it for anything in the world.
For now there is only to continue exploring and using Windows 10. Do not forget that if you have any questions or queries you can comment and I will try to support you as soon as possible.
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